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Alex Nichol

WEB DESIGNER & Digital Strategist in vancouver

Many of us digital strategy freelancers enter the field with similar backgrounds. The most common being marketing, print media, or graphic design. Not me though, I — along with a few others — come from the world of urban systems and planning.

Great, you might think. But what does that have to do with web design? My background gives me a unique perspective that other freelancers won’t have. When planning for urban environments, buildings, streets, and signage have to work together to provide a great user experience. Likewise webpages, navigation, and calls to action integrate and form a whole to achieve the same ends. All systems, physical and digital, require clear, concrete strategies to succeed — and this is where I come in with digital strategy.

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About me

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digital Strategy - 95%
Information ARCHITECTURE - 85%
Content Strategy - 92%
Business Strategy - 95%
Website design - 98%
HTML / CSs - 89%
board game
Stone age -50%
7 wonders - 70%
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donnan creative strategy

Creative professionals need great websites like everyone else.

Jazz - Ma -Tazz

these days E-commerce is the bread a butter of retail operations.

my work

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Not blogging? Your business is suffering for it.

Not blogging? You're missing a huge opportunity. Don't be that person.

Alex Nichol

But is it responsive?

Have you ever wonder what the difference between responsive, static, adaptive, and liquid design are? Have a read and find out!

Alex Nichol

Why I Use Webflow

Webflow bridges the world of web design and development. I use it to provide me the freedom to work with my clients in a collaborative way.

Alex Nichol

E-commerce Tools You Can Use On Your Webflow Site

E-commerce is a growing part of the internet. If you are a Webflow user your are waiting patiently for E-commerce to be added. Try these 12!

Alex Nichol
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A couple good games


race for the galaxy


the fun stuff

A bunch of good reads


by Paul Boag

for the web

by Mark Boulton

Content Strategy
for the web

by Kristina Halvorson

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